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About Us

Thanks for stopping by. Let me ask you a quick question if you had to rate your fulfillment with your current career out of 10, what would it be?

If the answer isn’t 8, 9 or 10 – then we can help! We know working for a company that doesn’t share your values is tough. Working for yourself can be just as challenging if you are not using digital to help you attract new clients.

After working with hundreds of clients we developed our online learning program to help people who can’t access our consulting services directly due to distance, cost or time.

Our unique e-ttraction™ methodology is designed to help you better Understand how to articulate your personal brand, Build an effective online profile on LinkedIn and websites, and Leverage your network to attract more career opportunities.

There are three courses available. Career Boost, to help you attract the ultimate job to suit you. Launch a Business, if you want to explore starting your own business or if you already have a business but want to learn how to utilise your personal brand better. Finally, Digital Basics is for those that need help getting to grips with social media, software, hardware and digital technology.

Click below to find out more about us or have a look at the course that suits you best. Don’t wait another year before going after your dream career!




Online Courses

Career Boost

Tired of submitting numerous resumes that get ignored? 90% of hiring managers search you up online when screening you for a job position. Learn how to present yourself as an uniquely skilled individual to get your dream job.

Digital Basics

Feeling left behind in the digital revolution? Not getting what it’s all about? The digital landscape moves fast and is involved in our daily business and personal lives. In this 12 week course we will teach you the building blocks of digital and social media in easy to understand language. Get up to speed on digital.

Launch a Business

Always wanted to start your own business? Not sure where to start? Our Launch in 12 week program will take you step by step through our unique start up methodology to build your brand and get your first sale. Bring your idea from concept to reality.



Members Feature:
Private Forum

You’ll also have access to the private members forum, where you can sync up with the rest of your university cohort.


Members Feature:
Monthly Podcasts

Each month we will be providing interviews and new information on social media and branding to keep you up to date with the latest trends in Personal Branding.

Members Feature:
Library of resources

In this library of resources, you will be able to access videos and eBooks covered previously at any time.

What our clients say…

“I have worked with Andrew as a consultant on digital media activities. He is knowledgeable, up to date and can sift through what is a difficult medium to navigate. I would highly recommend his consulting services.”
“Andrew has a fantastic marketing and business brain. He has a unique background in corporate marketing, but also small business and entrepreneurship which gives him a rare skill-set to offer small businesses like my own.”
“Andrew has been an incredible mentor and support for me in the early stages of my business. His open and authentic approach to his work (and life, for that matter!) makes him very personable and easy to like. He truly cares about his clients and helping others.”
“Your service was really great in helping me get organised and up to date on linked in. The photo is very professional and I know that people from my new company looked me up during and after the interview process. I now recognise the importance of first impressions and being socially connected. Thanks Andrew & Social Star!”
Jane Wyatt, Boundary Bend
“Andrew advise, education and coaching has exceeded all my expectations. This has definitely been a great investment for my business Tackletec. Thanks Andrew”
Brett O’Farrell, Tackle Tec
“Andrew has worked on my profile and brand strategy for over 8 months and in that time I have found him to have a profound understanding off not only the unification of my exposure on the Internet but also a solid and well thought out brand strategy. His simple and understandable, step by step detail has been logical and easy to understand, I have never looked so good !!! His approach and manner is a pleasure to be around and I would recommend him as a powerful addition to your mix and as an dependable friend.”
“Over the past few months I have been working closely with Andrew and his team to tranform my shop front into a digital reality. Tonight the website went live and it all came together. A consistent approach with a seemless stragtegy across several platforms that is just right for my evolving business. Best of all, I have control of it. Thanks Social Star!”
Kathleen Farrell, Floral Impressions
“I worked with Andrew when I was about to take a career break in the Spring of 2012. He helped me to get my Linked In profile up to scratch by giving me clear, practical advice about what I needed to do to make my profile noticed. This involved having a professionally-taken photograph taken and rewriting my career history.  My current brilliant role at Ultrapak is testimony to the fact that the changes made had the effect that Andrew said that they would; as the Recruitment specialist who approached me confirmed that my Linked In profile is how he found me.  I would recommend Andrew as a Personal Brand Coach to anyone looking to utilize this type of service absolutely and wholeheartedly.”
“Andrew has been an incredible mentor and support for me in the early stages of my business. His open and authentic approach to his work (and life, for that matter!) makes him very personable and easy to like. He truly cares about his clients and helping others. If you’re looking for a personal branding guru to make you a rock star, look no further! Andrew’s your man!”